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Latest posts:

Look where you’re going: How our eyes track naturalistic visual motion

Apr 21, 2021
What do you experience when you watch a moving cloud of dots like in this video? Do you feel like you are moving through a tunnel of lights or voyaging in space?

Life after Grad School: Dr. Ted Dobie

Feb 19, 2021
In this mini-series, we will be checking in with GPN Alumni who have gone on to have successful careers outside of academia.

The growing inaccessibility of science, the publish or perish mentality, and the inability to fight it from the inside

Nov 13, 2020
As scientists, we are familiar with the publishing process: conduct research, write up the results, then send off the manuscript to a journal in hopes they will see the merit of our work.

Databinge: Solving neuroscience data problems

Nov 04, 2020
Neuroscience has become increasingly interdisciplinary, especially as the field enters the era of big data. Confronted with large and complex datasets, scientists need computational tools.

New podcast launched at UBC: A Month in Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Aug 27, 2020
The AMiNDR podcast launched in June 2020 by a team of current and past UBC and McGill University graduate students. The Brainiac Blog connected with the team to learn more about their podcast and what it brings to the neuroscience community.