Student-led Outreach

Our students love neuroscience, and talking about neuroscience, and sharing what excited them about their research. We love connecting them with opportunities to share their work and supporting them in their efforts to tell their stories. We’re proud that many of them are engaged in outreach activities that inform, entertain, and inspire both scientists and non-scientists alike.

See below for examples of our students sharing neuroscience with our community.


The goal of the Brainiac Blog is to provide a platform for UBC students, trainees, and faculty in the neurosciences to engage in science communication and creative writing. Learn more


NeuroPsyched is a digital magazine created by UBC Neuroscience graduate students as a science communication platform with four main concepts in mind: accessibility, community outreach, trainee support, and brain science. Read the latest issue!


This interactive timeline on the history of neuroscience evolves constantly under the leadership of the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association and UBC with the support of the Faculty of Medicine’s Graduate Student Initiative Fund and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. 

The site is a collaboration between science cartoonists Armin Mortazavi and Dr. Aarthi Gobinath, and web designer Luis Bolanos.

Check out the ongoing project at Neuroscience Through the Ages, or follow Neurohistoons on Twitter for updates as new content is added to the timeline.


Students from the Graduate Program in Neuroscience participated in outreach activities around a 2017 exhibition of the drawings of the Father of Modern Neuroscience, Santiago Ramon y Cajal. View all 24 videos on YouTube!


UBC Brain Bytes is a web series dedicated to bringing UBC Neuroscience research to the public! Every episode features a different graduate student presenting their cutting-edge research projects. Subscribe to the Brain Bytes channel on YouTube, or connect with the team on Twitter.