ISAAC (International Students Acceleration and Advising Committee)

The Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) is committed to excellence in research and research training and recognizes the critical importance of diverse experiences, abilities, and identities of its students and supervisors. At the core of this are the experiences of the GPN’s international students. The purpose of the International Students Acceleration and Advising Committee (ISAAC) is to:

  • Support and empower international students in their graduate journey and help eliminate feelings of estrangement.
  • Instill confidence and a sense of community by building a safe space to discuss shared positive and negative experiences.
  • Foster cohesion and bridge the cultural gap between international and domestic members of the GPN, and when required, mediate discourse between students and their supervisor(s) and/or supervisory committee.
  • Adjudicating applications for emergency funds for international students in the GPN.

If you are an international student in the GPN, the ISAAC is here to help you by guiding you to the relevant resources, connecting you with the appropriate people, and supporting you in your academic journey. Please email us at

International Trainee Survey

If you are a graduate student in the GPN or a post-doctoral fellow affiliated with the DMCBH, please take a moment to fill out this survey to help us understand how we can serve your needs better.  

International Student Hardship Fund

The International Student Hardship Fund is intended to assist international students enrolled in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) who are facing unexpected and sudden financial difficulties related to essential expenses, such as housing, emergency travel, food, and medical emergencies not covered by MSP or extended health insurance. Only graduate students (MSc and Ph.D.) in the GPN with valid study permits in Canada are eligible to apply. The maximum amount per student for the duration of their studies in the GPN is $1,000. Full details can be found here:

Apply via the application form: