Neuroscience Trainee Association

The UBC Neuroscience Trainee Association (NeuroTA) gives a clear voice to the student interests and is incredibly active in organizing regular events and social activities, including cross-program socials, Pub Nights and BBQs. Follow us on our social media for information on events and activities:

@UBC_NeuroTA on Twitter
@ubcneurograd on Instagram

The UBC Neuroscience Trainee Association (previously called the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association) was founded in June 2009 by two graduate students, Conny Lin and Vilte Barakauskas. The association organized two departmental socials in the inaugural year. In its second year (2010/2011), the group established an executive team to meet the expanded goals of building an academic and social support network for students.


The UBC Neuroscience Trainee Association aims to promote the growth of the academic, professional, cultural, and social well-being of its members with the ultimate goal of developing a cohesive, supportive, and vibrant neuroscience community both on and off-campus.

Specific goals are to:

  • Represent, advocate for, and protect the interests of neuroscience graduate students.
  • Facilitate and foster synergistic relationships between supervisors, professors, and students.
  • Provide timely and efficient communication of relevant information to students and NeuroTA members about events and news relevant to the GPN.
  • Provide ongoing academic advice and support to students completing required coursework and working towards their thesis.
  • Encourage and promote social interaction between NeuroTA members, students and faculty, and the UBC community at large through the organization of social events, fundraisers, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Improve and enhance all aspects of graduate student life in the Neuroscience program at UBC.


  • Shalini Iyer, Co-president
  • Mathias Delhaye, Co-president
  • Andrew Thompson, VP Finance and Undergrad Liaison
  • Tetiana Poliakova, VP Social
  • Anjana Rajendran, GSS Rep and VP Wellness
  • Sarah Ebert, VP Academic
  • Ava Momeni, VP Outreach
  • Rocio Hollman, VP Communication
  • Lhyanne Soto, Brain Bee Coordinator