Neuroscience Trainee Association

The UBC Neuroscience Trainee Association (NTA) gives a clear voice to the student interests and is incredibly active in organizing regular events and social activities, including cross-program socials, Pub Nights and BBQs. Follow us on our social media for information on events and activities:

@UBC_NeuroTA on Twitter
@ubcneurograd on Instagram


The UBC Neuroscience Trainee Association aims to promote the growth of the academic, professional, cultural, and social well-being of its members with the ultimate goal of developing a cohesive, supportive, and vibrant neuroscience community both on and off-campus.

Specific goals are to:

  • Represent, advocate for, and protect the interests of neuroscience graduate students.
  • Facilitate and foster synergistic relationships between supervisors, professors, and students.
  • Provide timely and efficient communication of relevant information to students and NeuroTA members about events and news relevant to the GPN.
  • Provide ongoing academic advice and support to students completing required coursework and working towards their thesis.
  • Encourage and promote social interaction between NeuroTA members, students and faculty, and the UBC community at large through the organization of social events, fundraisers, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Improve and enhance all aspects of graduate student life in the Neuroscience program at UBC.


Co-president: Shalini Iyer
Co-president: Mathias Delhaye
GSS Rep and VP Wellness: Anjana Rajendran
Brain Bee Coordinator: Lhyanne Soto
VP Finance & UNC (Undergrad Club) Liaison: Andrew Thompson
VP Academic: Sarah Ebert
VP Academic: Christine Seo
General Member: Abibat Akande
General Member: Sara Shahba
VP Outreach: Ava Momeni
VP Outreach: Isa Samad
VP Outreach: Giulia Cocco
VP Communication: Rocio Holloman
VP Communication & GPN Liaison: Tatiana MacKeigan
VP Social: Tetiana Poliakova
1st year representative: Rachael Smith
General Social Member: Saakshi Champaneria