GPN Empower Hour

GPN Empower Hour is a meeting for all trainees in Graduate Program in Neuroscience and DMCBH. The event features topics beyond science research that support trainee wellness and EDI initiatives.

Previous Sessions:

April 6, 2022: Mental wellness (Sandrine Espie and Asmae El-Bouhali, Faculty of Medicine GPE)

May 4, 2022: Career development (Nika Shakiba, UBC Biomedical Engineering)

June 8, 2022: Work-life balance (Miriam Spering, GPN)

July-September: summer break

October 5, 2022: Taking a break (Amanda Cammalleri & Miriam Spering, GPN)

November 2, 2022: Holding difficult conversations (UBC Rock-the-Boat)

December 7, 2022: Healthy eating (Yvonne Lamers, UBC Nutrition)

Sign-up information is sent to trainees through the GPN Newsletter. For more information, please contact