Kurt Haas

Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Phone: 604 822-9770

Web pages:
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  • Cornell University -  B.S. in Neurobiology & Behavior
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine -  Ph.D. in Neuroscience
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - PDF Developmental Neuroscience


  • Dendritogenesis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Developmental neuronal plasticity
  • Neural network plasticity

Research Interests

Please refer to this page for a comprehensive description of Dr. Haas's work.

Selected Publications

Podgorski, K., Dunfield, D., and K. Haas. (2011) Neuronal division of labor drives visual learning in an awake developing brain network. PLoS Biology In Press.

Hossain, S., Hewapathirane, D.S., and K. Haas, (2011) Dynamic Morphometrics reveals contributions of dendritic growth cones and filopodia to dendritogenesis in the intact and awake embryonic brain.Developmental Neurobiology. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 21793227.

Chen, S.X., P.K. Tari, K. She, and K. Haas (2010) Neurexin-Neuroligin cell adhesion complexes contribute to synaptotropic dendritogenesis via growth stabilization mechanisms in vivo. Neuron 67: 967-83.

Dunfield, D. and K. Haas (2010) In vivo single cell excitability probing of neuronal ensembles in the intact and awake developing brain. Nature Protocols 5: 841-848.

Dunfield, D. and K. Haas (2009) Metaplasticity governs natural experience-driven plasticity of nascent embryonic brain circuits. Neuron 64: 240-250.

Liu, X.F., P.K. Tari, and K. Haas (2009) PKM zeta restricts dendritic arbor growth by filopodial and branch stabilization within the intact and awake developing brain. Journal of Neuroscience 29: 12229-12235.

Haas, K., J. Li and H.T. Cline (2006) AMPA receptors regulate experience-dependent dendritic arbor growth in vivo. PNAS103: 12127-12131.

Sin, W.C., K. Haas, E.S. Ruthazer and H.T. Cline (2002) Dendrite growth increased by visual activity requires NMDA receptor and Rho GTPases. Nature 419: 475-480.

Haas, K., W.C. Sin, A. Javaherian, Z. Li and H.T. Cline (2001) Single-cell electroporation for gene transfer in vivo. Neuron 29: 583-591.

Foa, L., I. Rajan, K. Haas, G.Y. Wu, P. Brakeman, P. Worley and H. Cline (2001) The scaffold protein, Homer1b/c, regulates axon pathfinding in the central nervous system in vivo. Nature Neuroscience 4: 499-506.

Cantallops, I., K. Haas and H.T. Cline (2000) Postsynaptic CPG15 promotes synaptic maturation and presynaptic axon arbor elaboration in vivo. Nature Neuroscience 3: 1004-1011.