Faculty Members

Please find below all faculty members associated with the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. Use the search bar or filter the list by research area.

Name Number Email Keywords
Doug Allan 827-5960 Neuronal differentiation and maintenance in†Drosophila
Costas Anastassiou 206 548-8434 computational neuroscience, biophysics, large-scale simulations, computation, systems neuroscience, translational neuroscience
Vanessa J Auld 822-1977 Glia cell migration, wrapping, gliotactin
Jehannine C Austin 875-2000 x5943 Clinical genetics, psychiatric disorders, patient support
Shernaz X Bamji 822-4746 Formation, stability and elimination of CNS synapses
Alasdair Barr 822-7500 Psychosis and treatment
Jason Barton 875-4339 Face perception, eye movement research
Clare Beasley 875-2000 x4723 Pathologies in psychiatric diseases; anti-psychotic medication
Lara Boyd 822-7197 fMRI and TMS, motor memory consolidation, transient ischemic attack, aging
Brian E Cairns 822-7715 Mechanisms and sex-difference in craniofacial pain
Neil Cashman 822-2135 Protein misfolding and neurodegenerative diseases (ALS, CJD, AD), oxidative stress
Kalina Christoff 822-4610 Neural and cognitive mechanism of human thought, fMRI
Luke Clark 827-0618 Cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms involved in gambling behaviour and disordered gambling
Ann Marie Craig 822-7283 Synapse development and plasticity; synapse organizing proteins; receptors
Silke Cresswell 822-7754 Parkinsonís disease, dystonia and other movement disorders; clinical-genetic correlations, microbiome and neurodegeneration, non-motor symptoms of Parkinsonís disease
Max S Cynader 822-1388 Molecular mechanism of neuronal plasticity and neurotoxicity
Adele Diamond 822-7220 Executive Functions; Prefrontal Cortex; Dopamine; Interventions; Mind, Body, Social, Emotional Interactions
Katerina Dorovini-Zis 875-4127 (Patho)biology of the blood-brain barrier
Doris Doudet 822-7163 PET, Neuroimaging, Parkinson's Disease, Mood Disorders, Stimulation Therapies, Monoaminergic Systems
Eric Eich 822-3078 Emotion and its role on cognitive function
James T Enns 822-6634 Neural, experiential, and goals in attention and perception
Matthew Farrer 822-7753 Parkinson's disease, genetics, Dementias, epilepsy, bioinformatics, disease model generation and characterization
Stan Floresco 822-5313 Neural circuits subserving learning and executive functions; schizophrenia and addiction
Liisa Galea 822-6536 Hormones and neurogenesis, learning and memory, post-partum depression
Deborah E Giaschi 875-2345 x7807 Dyslexia, Amblyopia, MRI
Dan Goldowitz 875-3822 Genetic networks in (patho)physiological neurodevelopment
Michael Gordon 827-4854 Taste and feeding circuits and circuit development
Peter Graf 822-6635 Episodic memory; Usability of handheld communication; Personhood and cognition in aging
Cheryl Y Gregory-Evans 875-5529 Molecular mechanisms in developmental defects of the eye and CNS
Kevin Gregory-Evans 875-5275
Ruth E Grunau 875-2447 Biobehavioural reactivity and neuro-development in preterm infants/children; Long term effects of pain in immature neonates
Kurt Haas 822-9770 Developmental neuronal plasticity, dendritogenesis, neural network plasticity
Michael R Hayden 875-3535 Genetic contributions to disease (Huntington's) and adverse drug reactions
William G Honer 875-4827 Mechanisms of serious mental illness (schizophrenia); anti-psychotics
Robin Hsiung 822-3610 Azheimer's disease, clinical trials
Judy Illes 827-0746 Neuroethics
Tim J Inglis 822-1626 Role of sensory information in the control of standing balance and movement in humans
William Jia 822-0728 Biology and treatment of brain tumours
Lorne Kastrukoff 822-7735 Multiple sclerosis, immune response
Alan Kingstone 822-9230 Visual attention, social cognition
Tara Leah Klassen 827-3845 Epilepsy, sudden death, ion channels, personalized medicine, drug development, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry
Andrei Krassioukov 675-8819 Spinal cord injury, autonomic dysfunctions
Michael Krausz 806-9113
Ujendra Kumar 827-3660 Basic and applied functions of the hormone somatostatin
Brian Kwon 827-3150
Tania Lam 827-3165 Spinal cord injury, gait rehabilitation, neural control of walking
Raymond W Lam 822-7325 Clinical and neurobiological factors in seasonal, atypical, difficult-to-treat and workplace depression
Donna Lang 875-2000 x4727 Neuroimaging, psychosis and neuroplasticity
Blair Leavitt 875-3801 Developing treatments for hereditary brain diseases, (HD, FTD, ALS), transgenic animals
Teresa Liu-Ambrose 875-4111 x69059 Aging, Mobility, Cognitive Neuroscience
Brian A MacVicar 822-7797 Calcium signalling in astrocytes, neuronal excitability, vascular energy supply to neural activity
Joanne Matsubara 875-4383 Age related macular degeneration, proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Martin J McKeown 822-7516 Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
James G McLarnon 822-5719 Microglial-mediated inflammatory responses in health and diseas
Austin Milnerwood 827-1085 Neurophysiology of degenerative disease
Robert S Molday 822-6173 Identifying and characterizing vertebrate retinal photoreceptor proteins
Orson L Moritz 875-4357 Biochemical and cell biological mechanisms underlying retinitis pigmentosa
Hakima Moukhles 822-7882 Dystroglycan in the CNS
Timothy H Murphy 822-0705 Structure-function of brain circuits in relation to stroke, CNS synaptic plasticity/physiology
Christian C Naus 822-2498 The role of gap junctions in neural development and disease
Elton Ngan 822-0777 fMRI, schizophrenia
Haakon Nygaard
Tim O'Connor 822-9759 Neurite outgrowth (sprouting, regeneration), semaphorins
John O'Kusky 875-4344 Growth and dietary factors controlling the progressive and regressive phases of neurogenesis
Timothy Oberlander 875-3570
Ipec Oruc 675 8866 Visual Neuroscience, Face and object recognition, Autism spectrum disorder
Dinesh Pai 822-8197 Mechanisms used by the brain and the musculoskeletal system to control and sense movement
William Panenka 822-7549 Concussion, TBI, Neuroimaging, Addictions, Psychosis, Homeless
Paul Pavlidis 827-4157 Functional genomics for studying neuropsychiatric disease
Steve Pelech 323-2547
Anthony G Phillips 822-4624 Role of monoamines in animal models of motivation and emotion, neural circuits underlying learning and memory.
Jacqueline Quandt 827-0562 Neuroimmunology
Matt Ramer 675-8821 Primary sensory neurons, spinal cord injury
Catherine Rankin 822-5449 Learning and memory, activity dependent plasticity in C. elegans
Alexander Rauscher 827-5462 Neuroimaging and MRI science
Lynn A Raymond 822-0723 NMDA Receptor function and regulation in Hungtinton's Disease
Peter Reiner 827-5836 Neuroethics
Ron Rensink 822-2579 Human and computational vision
Jane Roskams 827-5080 Cellular developent, degeneration and regeneration in the olfactory system
Colin Ross 875-2000 x5238 Pharmacogenomics, Genetic diseases, Lipoprotein lipase deficiency, Adverse drug reactions
Bhagavatula R Sastry 822-2290 Plasticity of synaptic transmission - mechanisms and age-related aspects
Christian Schutz 778 873-4785
Jeremy Seamans 822-7759 Prefrontal cortex functions from single cells to neural networks
Navid Shahnaz 822-5953 multi-frequency tympanometry, Wide Band Energy Reflectance, otoacoustic emission, and acoustic reflex studies
Christopher A Shaw 875-4111 x68373 ALS-parkinsonism dementia complex (ALS-PDC)
Elizabeth M Simpson 875-3830 Gene-based therapies for diseases of the brain and eye, cell-type specific MiniPromoters for rAAV delivery of gene augmentation and genome editing (CRISPR/cas9) therapies to cure mouse models of the human disease
Terry Snutch 822-6968 Structure and function of neurotransmitter receptors and ion channels and their modulation by protein kinases and G-proteins
Jason Snyder 822-3269 Adult neurogenesis and contribution to memory and mood
Peter J Soja 822-2692 Synaptic transmission connecting sleep, pain, and anesthesia
Kiran K Soma 827-5820 Neural and endocrine regulation of animal behavior, stress and sexual differences
Weihong Song 822-8019 Alzheimer's disease, down syndrome
Miriam Spering 675-8871 Eye movement control, Visual perception, Eye movement-based rehabilitation
A Jon Stoessl 822-7967 Parkinson's disease, PET
Nicholas V Swindale 875-5379 Computational and visual neuroscience, theoretical neuroscience
Roger Tam 822-0797 Medical imaging
Wolfram Tetzlaff 675-8848 Neural development and regeneration, spinal cord injury
Rebecca Todd 822-5581 Neural and genetic mechanisms that underlie the influence of emotion on attention and memory
Ivan Torres 822-7769
Anthony Traboulsee 822-0788
Helen Tremlett 822-0759 Multiple sclerosis
Victor Viau 822-3899 Interplay between HPA axis and testosterone in response to stress
Steven R Vincent 822-7038 Nitric oxide, cyclic GMP signaling, RING finger protein, Ubiquitinylation
Naznin Virji-Babul 827-4966 Perception-action coupling, concussion/mTBI, neuroimaging (EEG, DTI, fMRI, NIRS)
Yu Tian Wang 822-0398 Synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, stroke
Lawrence Ward 822-6309 Attention and consciousness, EEG, MEG
Joanne Weinberg 822-6214 Role of early life experiences in brain and biological development
Cheryl Wellington 875-2000 x6825 Cholesterol metabolism in the CNS
Janet Werker 822-6741 Language acquisition, speech perception in infancy; ERP and NIRS
Catherine Winstanley 822-3128 Impulse control at the neural, neurochemical and molecular level
Todd S Woodward 875-2000 x4724 Functional Neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG, MEG), cognitive neuropsychiatry of Schizophrenia
Lakshmi N Yatham 822-7325 Treatment of Bipolar Disease and Major Depression
Athanasios Zis 822-7310 Mood disorders