Featured Lectures

Friday, May 5th - 11am, Rudy North Lecture Theatre, DMCBH Lower Level
Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie
Comorbidity in Multiple Sclerosis & Implications for Clinical Care and Research

Neuroscience Events

Journal Clubs - A full listing of journal clubs, usually held in the Brain Research Centre, Kenny Building or LSI. Journal clubs are weekly events organized by students of the Neuroscience program, and focus on a research field of interest. Registration is not required, and refreshments are usually provided. Please contact the organizers for each journal club for more information.

Academic and Professional Events - Academic events includes full-day presentations and poster extravaganzas, such as the Brain Research Centre Neuroscience Research Days. This page lists non-journal club events with a focus on basic and clinical neuroscience, as well as other health science-related talks and seminars. The page also lists events that pertains to graduate student development as well as career development.

Meetings and conferences

Conference listing - As graduate students in the NRSC program, you will have the opportunity to attend and present your research in a variety of Neuroscience related venues. This page lists annual conferences and events which may be of interest to you.

Workshop and courses - Some institutes offer training courses and seminars. Some students find that complementing their UBC studies with other training is helpful. This page lists some sites that offer complementary studies.


Neuroscience Graduate Student Association hosts events such as the Student Orientation, monthly Pub-nights, Socials, and Mentorship program events. To stay up-to-date please visit the NRSC.GSA facebook page.

Neuroscience-Physiology Mailing List

Current events are sent out weekly via the NeuroPhys mailing list. You can join the list yourself by following these instructions:

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