Graduate Students

PhD Defenses (2015)

Xuelai Fan (Yu Tian Wang)
Harnessing Chaperone-mediated Autophagy For The Degradation of Endogenous Proteins

Hayes Wong (Brian Cairns)
The role of peripheral NMDA receptors in nerve growth factor-induced muscle pain

Dhananjay Namjoshi (Cheryl Wellington)
The Role of Apolipoprotein E in Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury and Development of CHIMERA: A Novel Closed-Head Impact Model of Engineered Rotational Acceleration

Amir Sepehry (Claudia Jacova)
NIMH Depression of Alzheimer Disease: Assessment and Diagnostic Validity studies using Depression Scales Developed for Older Adults

Fergil Mills (Shernaz Bamji)
The Role of β-catenin and the Cadherin Adhesion Complex in Synaptic Plasticity, Learning and Addiction

Diana Lim (Tim Murphy)
Development and application of large-scale optogenetic mapping in the mouse cortex

Si Zhang (Weihong Song)
Regulation of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Expression and Its Role in Stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease

Kasper Podgorski (Kurt Haas)
Simultaneous Imaging of Structural and Functional Plasticity in the Awake Brain

Evan Ardiel (Cathy Rankin)
Dopamine and PDF Signaling Mediate Habituation to Repeated Activation of a Polymodal Nociceptor in Caenorhabditis elegans

Lasse Dissing-Olesen (Brian MacVicar)
Novel Modes of Communication between Neuronal Activity and Microglial Process Dynamics
DATE: Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MSc Defenses (2015)

Golnoush Alamian (Ivan Torres)
Intellectual functioning in first-episode schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder

James Cairns (Dan Goldowitz)
The systems neurobiology of autism spectrum disorders (ASD): a histological and functional approach

Christina Rubino (Jason Barton)
Reading with Homonymous Hemianopia: Effects & Rehabilitation

Thariq Badiudeen (Jeremy Seamans)
Ventral hippocampal lesion volume does not predict working memory deficits in the neonatal ventral hippocampal lesion model of schizophrenia

Josh Larkin (Stan Floresco)

Eitan Anenberg (Tim Murphy)
DATE: Apr 24/15

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Vanier CGS
Mandi Schmidt (Michael Hayden)

NSERC CGS-Doctoral

CIHR CGS-Doctoral

Andrea Globa (Shernaz Bamji)
Naila Kuhlmann (Austen Milnerwood)

NSERC PGS-Doctoral
Shaina Cahill (Jason Snyder)

Samantha Feldman (Lara Boyd and Tim Murphy)
Sonja Soo (Shernaz Bamji)
Samantha Baglot (Joanne Weinberg and Liisa Galea)
Melissa Woodward (Donna Lang)
Sara MacIsaac (Austen Milnerwood)
Troy McDiarmid (Cathy Rankin)
Jonathan Cunningham (Tony Phillips)

CIHR CGS-Masters