About the redesign of

Welcome to the new website for the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at UBC!

The GPN homepage has been redesigned to make it easier for you to find information and learn about the program, the official student organization, and connect students in the program with the wider neuroscience resarch field.

Why redesign the homepage?

Due to the current web-based mode of data accumulation, a website is a crucial component of an organization’s internal and external communications.
The program of Neuroscience website needs to welcome visitors, introduce the program’s specialties, goals, and place in the larger university community, and help provide clear pathways to important information.

Specifically, we hope to achieve the following objectives with the program of Neuroscience website:

  • Welcome visitors. By showcasing current research, events and achievements of the program’s student and faculty members, the website should serve as a virtual representation of the first-rate education and research that goes on within the program.
  • Attract prospective students and volunteers.  Website design, in terms of both visual aesthetics and ease-of-navigation, gives prospective students and student volunteers the crucial “first impression” of the program. A clean, clear and logical interface immediately gives a stronger and more positive impression of the program.
  • Provide crucial information for current master’s and doctoral students. The website should serve as the “go-to” information source for graduate students. Clear, concise and updated information not only reduces the chance of confusion among students, but also reduces the possibility of the graduate secretary being bombarded by inane questions.
  • Foster a sense of community among members of the program. Due to the “integrated” nature of our program, students and faculty members come from different departments, research centers and research focus areas. By providing a virtual “home” online, the website can serve as the anchor for the new Neuroscience Graduate Student Association (NGSA) website, the Neuroscience Graduate mailing-list and facebook group (see separate proposal). These multimedia platforms can serve as platforms for discussions on coursework, current research, graduate life and personal/professional development. They could also increase the chance of collaboration.

What do you think?

We're interested in hearing your thoughts on the new website. Please contact the webmaster for suggestions, report broken links, and give general feedback.